PRODUCTION: Itaker Begins Shooting in Romania

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Toni Trupia's film Itaker, which began filming in Italy on 7 November 2011, moved to Romania in 21 November 21, for the final three weeks of shooting.


    The story follows a boy who leaves the Northern Italy in the 1960's to look for his father in Germany, at a time of largescale Italian imigration to Germany. The film is produced by Michele Placido and Bobby Păunescu, through their companies, the Italian Golden Art and Mandragora Movies (site under construction). The Italians are covering 70% of the budget, and the Romanians are covering the remaining 30%, Păunescu told FNE.

    The budget is slightly over 2 million euro. About half of it will be spent in Romania, Păunescu told FNE. He added that getting involved in this project was natural for him, since the theme of immigration highlights his first feature as a director, Francesca.

    Placido and Trupia wrote the script, Arnaldo Catinari is the DOP and the main characters are played by Michele Placido, Francesco Scianna and Monica Bîrlădeanu. Postproduction will take place in Italy, and the premiere is set for fall 2012.

    Production Information

    Goldenart Production s.r.l.

    Via degli Artisti 23,

    00187, Roma, Italy

    Phone/Fax: +39 06 64 82 41 48

    Mandragora Movies

    8, A.P. Cehov street

    Sector 1, Bucureşti, Romania

    Phone: +40.31.620.3503

    Fax: +40.21.315.1000

    www.mandragoramovies.ro (under construction)

    Gilda Conon, Managing Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Toni Trupia

    Script: Michele Placido

    Toni Trupia

    Cast: Michele Placido

    Francesco Scianna

    Monica Bîrlădeanu