PRODUCTION: My House on Wheels in Development

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Cristian Pascariu's first documentary and first long film My House on Wheels will follow two truck drivers, focusing on the life, the stories and the untold secrets of a profession which we usually know from a few stereotypes.

    "There is a folklore of the road which must not go to waste. Their world is made up of words, of stories, of fleeting hours and space, and in time, this world will fade away," Pascariu commented in the Director's note. He also wrote the film.

    My House on Wheels/Casa mea pe roţi is produced by Iuliana Tarnoveţchi and ALIEN FILM Productions (www.alienfilm.ro). There is no co-producer yet, but Iuliana Tarnoveţchi told FNE that she is hoping to find a partner at ZagrebDOX where she is pitching the project.

    Shooting is set for September-October 2012 and will cover Romania, Spain, Italy, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. The plan is to follow two truck drivers, one throughout Romania and the other in Europe.

    The budget is 80,000 Euro with10% of it covered by the producer by personal investments so far, Tarnoveţchi told FNE. The project does not have any grant or any sales agent. The premiere is set for 2013, depending on the festivals, and will be followed by broadcast on a Romanian TV channel.

    Production Information

    ALIEN FILM Production
    27 B Theodor Aman

    District 1, 010777

    Bucharest, Romania

    Mobile: +40 744 659 714



    Director: Cristian Pascariu

    Script: Cristian Pascariu