Antena TV Group Reports Profit in 2011

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Antena TV Group had a turnover of 52.62 m EUR and a profit of 1.47 m EUR. It is the only TV company in Romania to show a profit in 2011.

    Antena TV Group includes Antena 1 (www.a1.ro), Antena 2 (www.antena2.tv), Euforia (www.euforia.tv) and GSP TV (www.gsptv.ro). Antena 3 news channel (www.antena3.ro) which has its own management had losses of 993,339 EUR at the end of 2011.

    Another important player, Pro TV SA (www.protv.ro) had the biggest turnover in 2011 - 117.36 m EUR - but also lost 7.55 m EUR. Pro TV SA operates the TV channels Pro TV, Acasă TV (www.acasatv.ro), Pro Cinema (www.procinema.ro), Pro TV Internaţional (www.protvi.ro), MTV (www.mtv.ro), Sport.ro and the radio stations Pro FM (www.profm.ro), Info Pro (www.infopro.ro) and Pro Classic. Pro TV SA is part of Central European Media Enterprises (CME, www.cetv-net.com).

    SBS Broadcasting, comprising Prima TV (www.primatv.ro), Kiss TV (www.kissfm.ro/kisstv), Magic FM (www.magicfm.ro) and Kiss FM (www.kissfm.ro), had a turnover of 21.43 m EUR and lost 3.58 m EUR in 2011, while the Turkish Dogan Media International which operates Kanal D (www.kanald.ro) had 9.65 m EUR turnover and 9.65 m EUR losses.

    Paginademedia.ro was the first media institution to broadcast news taken from the reports of the Romanian Ministry of Justice (www.just.ro).

    Public television TVR (www.tvr.ro) which celebrated its 55th anniversary last year had a deficit of 36.7m EUR in 2011. The net turnover was 124.2 million EUR.

    The Mediascope Europe report published by IAB Europe (www.iabeurope.eu) states that Romanians spend 22 hours in front of the television every week, far more than the European average of 16.8 hours.