HBO Romania Subscribers Demand End of Dubbing for Films


    BUCHAREST: HBO Romania is reconsidering its dubbing policy after more than 4,000 subscribers signed a petition asking the channel to stop dubbing films. The reaction came after HBO Romania broadcast a dubbed version of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

    HBO Romania representatives told FNE that that the channel will respect the wishes of its subscribers and will make sure that from now on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have original audio and Romanian subtitles. The film is also available on HBO GO with original audio and Romanian and English subtitles, and also dubbed in Romanian. HBO Romania might also stop dubbing other titles, HBO representatives told FNE.

    An HBO subscriber who signed the petition launched on 14 August 2017 said that although smart TVs have different options for language, cable operators usually have just one language by default. Other people said that they have learned foreign languages by watching films and TV shows in their original versions.

    No complaints were made when HBO started airing dubbed animated films a few years ago.

    Romania doesn’t have a dubbing tradition such as Germany or Italy. Films and TV shows usually have Romanian subtitles, except for TV animated programmes. Usually, film distributors release animated films theatrically in dubbed and original versions.