Cristian Mungiu To Launch VoD Platform for European Films

    Cristian Mungiu Cristian Mungiu credit: Ionut Dobre

    BUCHAREST: Cristian Mungiu is planning to launch a VoD platform for European films in Romania. The project will continue his initiative started with Les Films de Cannes à Bucharest Festival, that has been extended to six more towns in 2017.

    Mungiu plans to expand Les Films de Cannes à Bucharest with new films, which have already been bought by Romanian distributors, to as many towns as possible. Les Films de Cannes à Bucharest, which had its 8th edition in Bucharest from 13 to 22 October 2017, has become a popular event in Romania.

    In the long term, Mungiu wants to launch a VoD platform with titles that were part of the previous editions of the festival. “The idea is to gather all the European films from the market, because the Cannes brand is more effective than the art house or independent cinema brand”, Mungiu told FNE.

    Mungiu, who helms the production outfit Mobra Films and is also involved in distribution through Voodoo Films, has applied for support from the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, but said he also needs support from the Romanian institutions.

    “We are trying to find European support, although we never received any for our festival, which was using the powerful brand of Cannes Film Festival. But in Romania it is harder to promote a French or a British film from Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs than a Lithuanian film. I really hope that the Romanian Film Centre and the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity will respond.”