FNE at TIFF 2018 Romanian Days: Caisă

    Caisa by Alexandru Mavrodineanu Caisa by Alexandru Mavrodineanu

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Alexandru Mavrodineanu’s second long documentary Caisă will screen in the Romanian Days competition at the 17th edition of the Transilvania IFF, running from 25 May to 3 June 2018. The film follows the relationship between a young boxer and his coach.

    After being betrayed by his former protégé, who became a boxing World Champion, Dobre, a veteran boxing coach, devotes himself to train his new pupil Caisă. He struggles with the fear of being abandoned again.

    Caisă talks about performance and its costs, but also about expectations and fear of abandonment. It follows the relationship that the boxing coach Dobre (66) builds in time with Cristian Palcuie (knicknamed Caisă, i.e. Apricot), so as to mold him into a champion”, Mavrodineanu told FNE.

    He also said that after two years of shooting he switched the focus from the young boxer to his coach, when he realised that the coach is the tragic character in the story.

    Mavrodineanu is the producer through Almafilm Production in coproduction with Tudor Giurgiu through Hai-Hui Entertainment. The 78,000 EUR was covered by Almafilm Production and Hai-Hui Entertainment.

    The project was awarded the Romanian Docs in Progress Post-Production Award, offered by Cinelab Romania at the DocumentaryTank industry platform of the 2017 Astra Film Festival.

    The film had some 90 shooting days from 2013 to 2017. It has one single 83-minute version for both cinema and TV. Transilvania Film will release it domestically in autumn 2018.

    Alexandru Mavrodineanu previously directed several short fiction films and also the documentary Birdman / Omul pasăre, produced by HBO Romania.

    Production Information:

    Almafilm Production
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    Caisa by Alexandru MavrodineanuHai-Hui Entertainment
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    Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
    Scriptwriter: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
    DoP: Alexandru Mavrodineanu
    Editor: Eugen Kelemen, Gabriel Basalici, Alexandru Mavrodineanu
    Cast: Dumitru Dobre, Cristian Palcuie