Oh, Ramona! Is First Romanian Production to Surpass 1m USD Gross

    Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob

    BUCHAREST: Cristina Jacob’s teen film Oh, Ramona! has become the first Romanian production with more than 1 m USD box office in domestic cinemas, within three weeks of its release.

    The film still tops the overall chart with 1.03 m USD / 9.1 m EUR / 4,326,813 RON gross and 225,951 admissions.

    This is the second time in 30 years when a Romanian film has topped the charts, after Sam Irvin’s comedy Garcea și oltenii (produced by MediaPro Pictures), which had 251,891 admissions by the end of 2002.

    The first English language film by Cristina Jacob was produced by Zazu Film Production with support from the Romanian Film Centre. Jacob Bros released it on 15 February 2019.