FNE at Transilvania IFF 2019 Pitch Stop: A Serious Man


    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Producer Irina Malcea and director Alexandru Mavrodineanu presented their film project A Serious Man at the fifth edition of Transilvania Pitch Stop taking place at the Transilvania IFF, running through 9 June 2019. They are one of four teams of filmmakers from Romania and Moldova competing for prizes including 50,000 EUR in development/production support.

    The central character in A Serious Man is a single man in his 40’s and dealing with his midlife crisis. He resolves to break up with the women he has kept in his life just for fear of being alone and commit himself to his new 25-year-old wife. However, he needs to reckon with the one woman in his past, the “love of his life” that he never got over. The action will take place against a background of snow, intended to gradually create a sense of intense pressure. He also has to contend with his new wife’s father, a man of his own age, who is understandably suspicious about Mimi. The film ends with Mimi alone.

    A Serious Man is a mix of comedy and drama produced by Alma Film and Luna Film. The film is in development with a second draft. The projected budget is 700,000 EUR, with planned two coproduction partners, potentially Bulgaria and Croatia. The crew will be determined once coproducers are on board.

    Mavrodineanu is a former TV cameraman, whose first full-length film was the HBO Romania documentary Birdman. His second full-length documentary Caisa was produced by Alma Film and Hai Hui Entertainment.  

    Production information:

    Alma Film (Romania)
    Luna Film (Romania)
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    Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu