BOX OFFICE: Admissions And Box Office for Domestic Films Soar In Romania in 2019

    Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob

    BUCHAREST: Admissions to domestic films increased dramatically from 389,172 in 2018 to 806,472 in 2019, while domestic films' gross increased from 1.42 m EUR / 6,712,375 RON in 2018 to 3.13 m EUR / 14,733,843 in 2019, according to official statistics issued by the Romanian Film Centre.

    For the first time in years a Romanian film got to the overall top ten. The teen comedy Oh, Ramona! directed by Cristina Jacob and produced by Adrian Sârbu through Zazu Film Production is ranked 10th with 256,115 admissions and 1,067,312 EUR / 5,016,367 RON gross.

    The teen comedy 5GANG: Another Christmas / 5GANG: Un altfel de Crăciun, the debut feature by vlogger Matei Dima, which was released on 27 December 2019, set a new opening record in Romania since 1989 and ranks 17th in the overall chart with 167,025 admissions and 672,867 EUR / 3,162,478 RON gross.

    General admissions slightly decreased from 13,348,167 in 2018 to 13,129,899 in 2019, but the total gross increased from 55,953,522 EUR / 262,981,558 RON in 2018 to 56,464,483 EUR / 265,383,072 RON in 2019.

    Also according to the CNC, domestic films had 389,172 admissions and 1.42 m EUR / 6,712,375 RON gross in 2018.

    In 2017 general admissions were 13.8 m and box office was 57.6 m EUR, according to the CNC