FESTIVALS: Transilvania IFF Announces Romanian Days Lineup

    Malmkrog by Cristi Puiu Malmkrog by Cristi Puiu photo: Mandragora

    CLUJ-NAPOCAThe Romanian Days selection at the 19th edition of the Transilvania IFF (TIFF) is richer than ever and will showcase 21 long and 16 short films, with seven world premieres and 16 national premieres. The festival will run from 31 July to 9 August 2020.

    The list of the 11 selected feature films includes Malmkrog by Cristi Puiu, Marona’s Fantastic Tale by Anca Damian, Uppercase Print by Radu Jude and Ivana the Terrible by Ivana Mladenović. Among the 10 long documentaries selected by the artistic director of the festival Mihai Chirilov are collective by Alexaner Nanau and Acasă, My Home by Radu Ciorniciuc.

    Lineup Romanian Days:

    Feature Films:

    Malmkrog (Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia)
    Directed by Cristi Puiu
    Produced by Mandragora (RO)
    Coproduced by iadasarecasa (RO), SENSE Production (RS), Cinnamon Films (RS),  Film i Väst (SE), Doppelganger (SE), Bord Cadre Films (CH), Produkcija 2006 Sarajevo (BA), Sisters and Brothers Mitevski (MK)
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Romanian Television (TVR), Studioul de Creație Cinematografică al Ministerului Culturii, Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Culture and Information, Film Center Serbia, Canton Sarajevo - Ministry of Culture and Sports, the North Macedonia Film Agency

    Uppercase Print / Tipografic majuscul (Romania)
    Directed by Radu Jude
    Produced by microFILM
    Coproduced by the Romanian Television (TVR), Hi Film Productions
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the MEDIA Programme in association with nomada.solo

    5 Minutes Too Late / 5 minute (Romania)
    Directed by Dan Chișu
    Produced by Domestic Film, DaKINO Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, MEDIA – Creative Europe and Heineken Romania, in partnership with the Romanian Public Television (TVR)

    And They May Be Still Alive Today / Și poate mai trăiesc și azi (Romania, Greece)
    Directed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
    Produced by Libra Film Productions (Romania), Graal S.A. (Greece)
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Begin / Început (Romania)
    Directed by Răzvan Săvescu
    Produced by Scharf Film Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Ivana the Terrible / Ivana cea Groaznică (Romania, Serbia)
    Directed by Ivana Mladenović
    Produced by microFILM, Dunav 84
    Coproduced by the Romanian Television, nomada.solo, Verde Stop Arena
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Film Center Serbia

    Urma / Legacy (Romania)
    Directed by Dorian Boguță
    Produced by produced by Hai-Hui Entertainment
    Coproduced by Mandragora, Actoriedefilm.ro
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Cărturan (Romania, Sweden)
    Directed by Liviu Săndulescu
    Produced by Mandragora
    Coproduced by Iadasarecasa, Film I Vast, Doppelganger AB
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Romanian Television (TVR), Shoot&Post Auditory Sweden

    Marona’s Fantastic Tale / Călătoria fantastică a Maronei (Romania, France, Belgium)
    Directed by Anca Damian
    Produced by Aparte Film
    Coproduced by Cinema Public Films, Sacrebleu Productions, Minds Meet
    Supported by Eurimages, the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), the MEDIA – Creative Europe, with the participation of Aide aux cinémas du monde – CNC, l’Institut Français, and with the support of the CNC (Création Visuelle et Sonore Numérique), la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Strasbourg Eurométropole, la Région Grand Est, SACEM, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Taxshelter.be, Shelterprod and ING Tax Shelter Incentive of the Belgian Federal Government

    So, What's Freedom? / Și atunci… ce e libertatea? (Romania, USA)
    Directed by Andrei Zincă
    Produced by Double 4 Studios (USA)
    Coproduced by Tica Trade (Romania)
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    The Cardinal / Cardinalul (Romania)
    Directed by Nicolae Margineanu
    Produced by Ager Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre


    Acasă, My Home (Romania, Finland, Germany)
    Directed by Radu Ciorniciuc
    Produced by Manifest Film(RO)
    Coproduced by HBO Europe, Corso Film (FI), Kino Company(DE)
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Romanian Television, MEDIA – Creative Europe, Cinelab, Beep Studio

    The Bucharest Delta / Delta Bucureștiului (Romania, France)
    Directed by Eva Pervolovici
    Produced by Marmitafilms (France)
    Coproduced by Strada Film (Romania), Neyrac Films (France)
    Supported by the French CNC, the Romanian Film Centre, Région Aquitaine and île-de-France, TVR, PROCIREP ANGOA and SACEM

    Lemn / Wood (Romania, Austria, Germany)
    Directed by Monica Lăzurean Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger
    Produced by 4 Proof Film
    Coproduced by WildArt Film, Film Tank
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre (cnc.gov.ro), MEDIA – Creative Europe, Eurimages, the Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, ORF, Hamburg Film Fund, Medienboard Berlin

    collective / colectiv (Romania, Luxembourg)
    Directed by Alexander Nanau
    Produced by Alexander Nanau Production
    Coproduced by Samsa Film, HBO Europe
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Luxemburg Film Fund and the Sundance Documentary Fund, with the contribution of RTS Switzerland, RSI Switzerland, YES Docu, MDR Germany

    Everything Will Not Be Fine / Totul nu va fi bine (Romania, Ukraine)
    Directed by Adrian Pârvu și Helena Maksyom
    Produced by Hi Film Productions
    Coproduced by microFILM, Tato Film

    House of Dolls / Casa cu păpuși (Romania)
    Directed by Tudor Platon
    Produced by microFILM

    Teach / Profu’ (Romania)
    Directed by Alex Brendea
    Produced by Luna Film

    Please Hold the Line / Așteptați răspunsul operatorului (Austria)
    Directed by Pavel Cuzuioc

    Siberia din oase (Moldova)
    Directed by Leontina Vătăman-Mărgineanu

    The Soviet Garden / Grădina Sovietică (Romania, Moldova)
    Directed by Dragoș Turea
    Produced by Parmis Film Studio
    Supported by Rova Film

    Short Films:

    Contraindications / Contraindicații (Romania)
    Directed by Lucia Chicos

    He Loves My Eyes / El iubește ochii mei (Romania)
    Directed by Enxhi Rista

    These Days (Romania)
    Directed by Andrei Crețulescu

    The Death and the Knight / Moartea și Cavalerul (Romania)
    Directed by Radu Gaciu

    Basmofilia (Romania)
    Directed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

    My Moon / Luna mea (Romania)
    Directed by Claudiu Mitcu

    Sașa and Petre / Sașa și Petre (Romania)
    Directed by Luca Istodor

    Zimnicea (Romania)
    Directed by Bogdan Naumovici

    Sorrow / Amar (Romania)
    Directed by Sarra Tsorakidis

    Flunking / Corigent (Romania)
    Directed by George Gänæaard

    Romance / Idila (Romania)
    Directed by Mihai Mincan

    All for Riana / Totul pentru Riana (Romania)
    Directed by Mihai Dragolea

    Laila (Romania)
    Directed by Raya Al Souliman

    Forgiving Ticket / Bilet de iertare (Romania)
    Directed by Alina Șerban

    What the Hell Should I Write About? / Despre ce naiba să scriu? (Romania)
    Directed by Matei Monoranu

    Bucharest Seen From Above / Bucureștiul văzut de sus (Romania)
    Directed by Andrei Răuțu