PRODUCTION: Romanian Director Nap Toader in Postproduction with Wetland of the Jackals

    Wetland of the Jackals by Nap Toader Wetland of the Jackals by Nap Toader credit: Nap Toader

    BUCHAREST: Romanian director Nap Toader (aka Napoleon Helmis) is currently in postproduction with his fourth feature film, the love story/road film comedy/drama Wetland of the Jackals / Grindul șacalilor, starring Mihaela Sîrbu and Gabriel Spahiu.

    Toni and Simina are two lonely souls who meet while travelling. Their paths cross in a supermarket parking lot, where they connect and decide to continue their journey together. Nap Toader, Doina Ruști and Adriana Matcovschi penned the script.

    Liviu Mărghidan is producing through Scharf Film Production and he is also lensing. The budget is 600,000 EUR, representatives of Scharf Film Production told FNE. The project received a production grant of approximately 290,000 EUR /1,343,000 RON from the Romanian Film Centre in 2018.

    The film was shot in 20 days in October 2019 in the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta and on the Black Sea Coast.

    The premiere is expected for 2021.

    The previous film directed by Nap Toader was 03.ByPass (2016), which was produced by Clandestino Productions.

    Production Information:

    Wetland of the Jackals by Nap Toader, credit: Nap ToaderProducer:
    Scharf Film Production (Romania)
    Liviu Marghidan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Nap Toader
    Scriptwriters: Nap Toader, Doina Ruști, Adriana Matcovschi
    DoP: Liviu Mărghidan
    Editor: Tudor Popescu
    Cast: Mihaela Sîrbu, Gabriel Spahiu, Dragoș Olaru