FESTIVALS: Animest 2022 Ready to Kick Off


    BUCHAREST: A total of 49 films will compete for the Animest trophy in the Short Film Competition of the 17th Animest International Animation Film Festival, running 7 – 16 October 2022. This is the only festival in Romania dedicated to animated film and also an Oscar-qualifying festival.

    The recipient of the Animest Trophy is eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film category of the Academy Awards®.

    Five films were selected for the long animated films competition and 32 films are competing in the Student Films Competition.

    The festival will host the 4th edition of Pitch, Please!, organised by the Animest Association with support from CEE Animation

    Animest International Animation Film Festival is co-financed through the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, the Romanian Film Centre and the Bucharest Mayor’s Office through ARCUB, as part of the Bucuresti Afectiv 2022 programme. It is supported by Groupama Insurance.


    Cuddle (Belgium, France)
    Directed by Madeleine Reumont

    A Goat’s Spell (Germany)
    Directed by Gerhard Funk

    Bear Speculation (Russia)
    Directed by Anna Kadykova

    Beauty & the Beasts (Estonia, Hong Kong)
    Directed by Äggie Pakk Yee Lee

    Canary (Greece)
    Directed by Chrysoula Korovesi, Marios Gampierakis

    Detached (USA)
    Directed by Emory Allen

    Diaphony (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Mirjam Debets, Selle Sellink

    Dies Irae (Australia)
    Directed by Maru Collective

    El after del Mundo (France)
    Directed by Florentina Gonzalez

    Europe par bidon (France)
    Directed by Samuel Albaric, Thomas Trichet

    Flower under Water (Spain)
    Directed by Aitor Oñederra

    Frydenlund Hair Parlour (Norway, Belgium)
    Directed by Hanne Berkaak

    Garrano (Portugal, Lithuania)
    Directed by David Doutel, Vasco Sá

    I’m Late (France, Japan)
    Directed by Sawako Kabuki

    Ice Merchants (Portugal)
    Directed by João Gonzalez

    Impossible Figures and Other Stories (Poland, Canada)
    Directed by Marta Pajek

    Headprickles (Poland)
    Directed by Katarzyna Miechowicz

    In the Big Yard inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket (Japan)
    Directed by Yuki Yoko

    It Dawns the Longest Night (Spain)
    Directed by Lorena Ares Lago, Carlos Fernández de Vigo

    Leopoldo from the Bar (Spain)
    Directed by Diego Porral

    Letter to a Pig (France, Israel)
    Directed by Tal Kantor

    Little Smasher (France)
    Directed by Gilles Cuvelier

    Lucky Man (Switzerland)
    Directed by Claude Luyet

    Menagerie (USA)
    Directed by Jack Gray

    Mickey’s Descent into Madness (France)
    Directed by Tom Bourgeois

    Miracasas (France, Switzerland)
    Directed by Raphaëlle Stolz

    Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook (India)
    Directed by Rohit Karandadi

    Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse (Switzerland)
    Directed by Kilian Vilim

    My Tiger (France)
    Jean-Jean Arnoux

    Once There Was a Sea… (Slovakia, Poland)
    Directed by Joanna Kozuch

    Pachyderm (France)
    Directed by Stéphanie Clement

    Phonorama (Spain)
    Directed by Alex Rey

    Pieceful Day (France)
    Directed by Gabrielle Mouret

    Pink Noise (France)
    Directed by Ulysse Lefort, Martin Wiklund, Arthur Lemaître

    Sasha (Romania)
    Directed by Serghei Chiviriga

    Sibériade (Belgium)
    Directed by Nado Poton

    Speak KDSK (Canada)
    Directed by Ileana Dana Darie

    Supper (Hungary)
    Directed by Dániel Bárány

    Suruaika (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C. Pop

    The Debutante (UK)
    Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs

    The Diary of a Projectionist (Spain)
    Directed by Dani Segui

    The Garbage Man (Portugal)
    Directed by Laura Gonçalves

    The Pioneers (Canada)
    Directed by Simon Cottee

    The Record (Switzerland)
    Directed by Jonathan Laskar

    The Sausage Run (Germany, Belgium)
    Directed by Thomas Stellmach

    The Toilet Bowl Philosophy (Belgium)
    Directed by Michèle Robin

    The Wind Whistles (UK, Ireland)
    Directed by Alessandro Dordoni

    Tsunami Girl (Argentina)
    Directed by Leo Campasso, Carlos Balseiro, Antonio Balseiro, Emiliano Rodriguez Nuesch

    Your Bad Animals (Israel)
    Directed by Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen