BOX OFFICE: Successful Domestic Release for Romanian Horror The Goat and Her Three Kids

    The Goat and Her Three Kids by Victor Canache The Goat and Her Three Kids by Victor Canache credit: Casa de Filme Noua

    BUCHAREST: Victor Canache’s independently produced debut feature The Goat and Her Three Kids / Capra cu trei iezi has landed fourth in the weekly charts (24 – 30 October 2022) and risen the number of domestic films in weekly Top 10 in Romania to three, which is an unprecedented success.

    The Goat and Her Three Kids had 30,560 admissions in its opening weekend, which is a little less than the admissions made in its opening weekend by Teambuilding, currently the Romanian film with the most admissions in the last 30 years in local cinemas.

    Based on a famous children's tale by Romanian classic writer Ion Creangă (1837-1889), The Goat and Her Three Kids is a psychological thriller / horror following a single mother who fights to protect her son after losing the other two to a killer. Maia Morgenstern, who starred in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and Ulysses’ Gaze by Theo Angelopoulos, plays the lead.

    The film produced by Casa de Filme Nouă was released by Transilvania Film on 28 October 2022 and cashed in 124,412 EUR / 610,913 RON in its opening weekend.

    The comedy Teambuilding directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteț, had 35,140 admissions in its opening weekend and tops the weekly box office as well as the general box office after five weeks with 754,332 admissions and 3.57 m EUR / 17,588,151 RON gross, according to Cinemagia.

    Teambuilding was produced and released by Vidra Productions on 30 September 2022.

    Another independent Romanian comedy, Mirciulică directed by Cristian Iliușan, produced and distributed by Cluj-based Bravo Films, is number 5 in the weekly box office and number 6 in the general box office with 257,323 admissions and 1.34 m EUR / 6,630,824 RON gross since its release on 7 October 2022.

    The Romanian film with the most admissions since the fall of communism still is the comedy The Second Fall of Constantinople / A doua cădere a Constantinopolului (1994) directed by Mircea Mureșan, produced by Disim Conpro and distributed by RomaniaFilm, with 1,331,001 admissions and 11,845 EUR / 58,314 RON gross.