BOX OFFICE: Independent Romanian Comedies Break Records on Domestic Market

    Teambuilding directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteț Teambuilding directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteț credit: Cinemagia.ro

    BUCHAREST: Teambuilding directed by Matei Dima, Cosmin Nedelcu and Alex Coteț, is currently the Romanian film with the most admissions in the last 30 years in local cinemas. The film produced and released by Vidra Productions on 30 September 2022 is topping the general charts with 3.16 m EUR / 15,561,881 RON and 668,629 admissions.

    After four weeks in cinemas, Teambuilding is far ahead the number two, Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski, which has 399,744 admissions and 1.92 m EUR / 9,469,522 gross, according to Cinemagia, the only local outlet providing films charts apart from the annual statistics of the Romanian Film Centre.

    Teambuilding is second in the weekly box office, followed by another independent Romanian comedy, Mirciulică directed by Cristian Iliușan, produced and distributed by Cluj-based Bravo Films, with 214,138 admissions and 1.15 m EUR / 5,688,470 RON gross since 7 October 2022. In the general box office Mirciulică is number eight.

    Two domestic films in the general Top 10 is quite a novelty for the Romanian box office.

    In 2020, the general box office was topped by the local comedy Miami Bici directed by Jesús del Cerro, produced by Studio Indie Productions and Watch Me Productions, and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, with 552,238 admissions and 2.35 m EUR /11,603,217 RON gross in only four weeks of distribution.

    The Romanian film with most admissions since the fall of communism still is the comedy The Second Fall of Constantinople / A doua cădere a Constantinopolului (1994) directed by Mircea Mureșan, produced by Disim Conpro and distributed by RomaniaFilm, with 1,331,001 admissions and 11,845 EUR / 58,314 RON gross.