PRODUCTION: Romanian Ioana Mischie in Postproduction with Pioneering Franchise Government of Children II

    Government of Children II by Ioana Mischie Government of Children II by Ioana Mischie credit: Tudor Lucaciu

    BUCHAREST: Writer/director Ioana Mischie (Fulbright Alumna, Berlinale Talents Alumna, Sundance Capalbio Alumna) is currently in postproduction with Government of Children II, a pioneering transmedia documentary inviting children to redesign their societies for the long-term.

    The core of Government of Children II is to empower children to share their visions with regard to solving real-world problems in the short, medium and long term. How do they perceive the core-problems of our society? What potential solutions would they envisage? How would they act as young leaders?

    The initiative brings novelty in numerous fields through the methodology and the high-end computer-generated visualisations of the children’s visions, created by brilliant creatives. The film is also using, for the first time, machine learning technologies marked explicitly, for depicting shorter visions. 

    The project is produced by Studioset, a Romanian multi-awarded production and postproduction studio, and Storyscapes, a Romanian association focusing on transmedia and groundbreaking concepts. The global producer is Ioana Mischie, while Sorin Baican is the national producer and Irina Petrescu is the executive producer. 

    The film has been supported by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), McCann Ericksson, Altex, Carat Romania, CKBB Media Services, Enel, Nhood. The team is also grateful for the kind support of Women in Immersive Technologies.

    Research-wise, the project’s innovation inspired numerous articles in the field of audio-visual practices, via collaborations with UNATC (the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest), the University of Southern California or the Arizona University. 

    The film was shot by the acclaimed Romanian Tudor Lucaciu RSC and Zsolt Magyari, Stereographer Ltd from Budapest in September 2022, with extensions throughout the year, which were developed in countries on multiple continents.

    Government of Children II will meet its audience in 2024.

    Government of Children I was launched in 2019 as the first Romanian 3D documentary, followed by multi-awarded virtual reality extensions such as Tangible Utopias: Urban Futurism (supported by AFCN, nominated for the European Metaverse Awards, winner of GoEast Open Frame Award, winner of Stereopsia). The project was also invited to TEDxBoldandBrilliant.

    This franchise remains Romania’s first major transmedia project, one of the world’s first ongoing visionary archives focussing on civic imagination, in the process of being expanded gradually in more communities worldwide. 

    Production Information:

    Studioset (Romania)
    Sorin Baican: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Storyscapes (Romania)
    Ioana Mischie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Ioana Mischie
    Scriptwriter: Ioana Mishie
    DoPs: Tudor Lucaciu, Zsolt Magyari
    Art director: Alexandru Pop
    Editor: Cristian Vieriu
    Sound design: Ina Bozdog

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