FNE at Berlinale 2024: Romanian Cinema in Berlin

By Romanian Film Centre

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    HOLY WEEK directed by Andrei Cohn, RO/CH 2024, 133'

    Leiba lives with his wife Sura and their son Eli in a village located within a Romanian landscape so beautiful it could be a painting. The Jewish family runs the village inn, a meeting point for travellers and the village community at the end of the 19th century. At first glance, the people that eat and drink here are all alike. This is where they belong. But their table conversations reveal prejudices and racist sentiments. A little derision here, some underlying envy there, poisonous attributions. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least for now. Those who are close always tease each other. Holy Week is a free adaptation of the 1889 novella “An Easter Torch” by Romanian author Ion Luca Caragiale. For this, Andrei Cohn crafts a world illuminated by considerable cinematic and psychological nuance. His characters seem to inhabit this world as if they were living today, like the people right next door, caught up in their own lives. Even when the fuse of anti-Semitism has already been lit, Leiba and his wife make plans, argue or giggle with joy. Between Jewish Passover and Christian Easter, a bomb will explode.

    SCRIPT: Andrei Cohn
    PRODUCER: Anca Puiu
    CINEMATOGRAPHY: Andrei Butică
    EDITING: Andrei Iancu, Dana Bunescu
    CAST:  Doru Bem, Nicoleta Lefter, Ciprian Chiricheș, Mario Gheorghe Dinu, Ana Cioneta

    Section: FORUM

    Screening Schedule

    15.02.2024 - Kino Arsenal 1 @ 19h (Press Screening)
    17.02.2024 - Delphi Filmpalast @ 14:30 PREMIERE
    18.02.2024 - Cubix 7 @ 16h
    20.02.2024 - Kino Betonhalle@silent green @ 14:30
    25.02.2024 - Delphi Filmpalast @ 15h
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    From left to right: Ana Draghici - cinematographer, Tamas A. Meder - cinematographer