Slow moves to digital television in Romania

By Iulia Blaga

    Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Society (http://www.mcsi.ro/) is expected to present a new draft for the strategy to transfer to digital television.

    In July, the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (http://www.cna.ro/) suggested new details the strategy should outline. By December 31, 2009, two digital multiplexes with 14 TV channels free of charge should be granted by a competitive selection process. One of the multiplexes will be required to retransmit all national terrestrial channels.

    By July 2010, another four multiplexes will be granted. By January 2012 all analogue signal should come to an end. There are some 1.4 million homes in Romania with terrestrial antenna (23% of the population) and 400,000 homes with no TV reception at all.

    Needy families (counted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society at about one million) will receive a free voucher.