PRODUCTION: Monies, Cons & Bones in post-production

By Iulia Blaga

    Producer Cristian Comeagă, who is currently working with director Nae Caranfil and producer of his Asphalt Tango and Philantropy, and also the epic The Rest Is Silence, is about to finish his first feature as a director, an 90 min action comedy made for TV.

    The plot involves two men involved in the hold up of a bank transport. The hold up is planned by several persons unbeknownst of each other. Monies, Cons &Bones/La bani, la cap, la oase is produced by Cristian Comeagă and Domino Film (www.dominofilm.ro). Robertino Patilea wrote the script. The 21 days of shooting took place in fall 2009 in Bucharest. The budget is 450,000 euro.

    The cast includes Ovidiu Niculescu, Zane Jarcu and Graţiela Teohari in the main roles, and Valentin Teodosiu, Alex Mărgineanu, Adina Cartianu and Ion Haiduc. Gabriel Kosuth is the DOP.

    The postproduction will wrap at the end of April 2010. There is no sales agent yet. Cristian Comeagă told FNE that he hopes that the local premiere will be in November 2010.

    {mosimage}Production information

    Domino Film

    59, Dr. Felix Street, 011039 Bucharest 1


    Phone: +40 21317 6436

    Fax: +40 213 12 9609

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    Director: Cristian Comeagă

    Script: Robertino Patilea

    DOP: Gabriel Kossuth

    Cast: Valentin Teodosiu

    Alex Mărgineanu

    Adina Cartianu

    Ion Haiduc

    Gheorghe Dănilă

    Petre Lupu

    Vasile Popa