PRODUCTION: Las Fierbinti shooting

By Iulia Blaga

    Dragoş Buliga is in production with Las Fierbinţi, a rural comedy focusing on the machinations around the local elections in a Romanian village, involving the mayor, his deputy, a bartender, his brother, a policeman, a guy returning from Italy and a local beauty.

    The plot, written by Bogdan Mirică, builds an ironic parallel with the political system: the characters back up the leading contenders following their own personal interests, not their political beliefs. When discovered, they justify themselves with the same refrain: "We are in Fierbinţi, the place where everything is possible."

    This TV feature is produced by MediaPro Pictures (www.mediapropictures.com) and the shooting started on July 26, 2010. The cast includes Radu Gabriel, Gigi Ifrim, Mihai Bobonete, Mihai Rat Dragomir, Constantin Diţă, Anca Dumitra and Leonid Doni. Most of the actors have previously worked in the comic series The Police Is Coming/Vine poliţia (2008), also directed by Dragoş Buliga for Pro TV (www.protv.ro). The DOP is Şerban Ionescu.

    The shooting is taking place in the village of Fierbinţii de Jos and it will wrap in two weeks. Las Fierbinţi will be aired by Pro TV early next year.

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    Director: Dragoş Buliga

    Script: Bogdan Mirică

    DOP: Şerban Ionescu

    Cast: Radu Gabriel

    Gigi Ifrim

    Mihai Bobonete

    Mihai Rat Dragomir

    Constantin Diţă

    Anca Dumitra

    Leonid Doni