New General Manager at UPC

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian communication company UPC (www.upc.ro) has a new General Manager, Severina Pascu, elected for four years. She is replacing the American Jack Mikaloff, who ran the company from 2008.

    The decision was taken on January 4. Pascu has served as Financial Manager of UPC since 2008.

    UPC Romania had over 1.15 million subscribers in the third trimester of 2010, a 6.5% decrease from the same period in 2009. Digital TV services grew 30%, but this failed to compensate the decline of customers for the analog segment. The company also lost subscribers for internet and landline services.

    One of the biggest communication companies in Romania, UPC Romania is part of Liberty Global, Inc (www.lgi.com) and began operating in Romania in 1992. The company has invested almost one billion euro so far, which represents the biggest direct American investment in Romania.