Arclight Films Acquires Ederlezi Rising Ahead of its Serbian Premiere

    Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroža Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroža

    BELGRADE: Independent sales company Arclight Films has acquired the rights for Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroža, the first Serbian science fiction film. Arclight chairman Gary Hamilton announced that Ederlezi Rising will be presented to buyers for the first time at the Berlin Film Festival market. The film has been supported by Film Center Serbia.

    Ederlezi Rising, which is in English, was produced by Aleksandar Protić and Jonathan English through Mir Media Group and BALKANIC, Inc. respectively.

    It marks the feature directorial debut for Lazar Bodroža, the eminent Serbian visual artist and director of two short films, Gorski vijenac / The Mountain Wreath (2006) and Uber-Life: An Interactive Movie (2010). The script, based on Zoran Nešković’s short stories, was written by Dimitrije Vojnov,  the most sought-after Serbian screenwriter of his generation. Kosta Glušica, Ederlezi Rising’s director of photography, makes his feature debut with this production.

    Ederlezi Rising features adult film star Stoya in her first non-porn role. Stoya is also an influential public figure, feminist and social activist, writer and columnist for The New York Times, The Guardian and Vice magazine. Her co-stars in Ederlezi Rising are Sebastian Cavazza, the most popular Slovenian actor at this moment, frequently seen in regional film and TV productions, as well as Slovenian actress Maruša Majer, a Shooting Star at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival.

    The film was shot between November 2015 and June 2017 on a budget of approximately 350,000 euros. Ederlezi Rising is set to premiere in Serbia in late February, in the Serbian Cinema selection of the upcoming FEST 2018.