PRODUCTION: Lost Script Inspires Feature Film and Series Bad Blood

    Bad Blood by Milutin Petrović Bad Blood by Milutin Petrović

    BELGRADE: Shooting on the feature film and TV series Bad Blood / Nečista krv based on the 1910 novel of famous classic Serbian writer Bora Stanković is scheduled to start in the summer of 2020. Both projects are produced by Serbia’s This and That Productions, which is currently looking for international coproducers, as Bad Blood will be one of the most expensive productions in the region.

    The script is to a great extent based on what seemed to be a long lost script written by the renowned Serbian film director and editor Vojislav Nanović (1922-1983), who also worked in the USA. There were ocassional rumours and legends about the script, but hardly anyone had ever read it or seen it. Director Milutin Petrović found it by chance in an apartment in Belgrade.

    Nanović’s script has been polished by Milena Marković and this new version is to be used for the feature and the first three episodes of the TV series under the same title. All of them will be directed by Milutin Petrović.

    ”The importance and innovation of Bad Blood lies in two aspects. One aspect is related to financing and producing as Bad Blood is one of the most expensive productions in the region. The second aspect lies in making a historical drama set in the Turkish Empire in the 19th century. So far, most productions dealing with this period were national, low budget, soap operas, while Bad Blood is set as an international coproduction in the form of high quality TV content. Another specific is that the project will be simultaneously a 10-episode series and a feature film. These two products of the same project will support each other on a promotional, distributional and financial level“, producer Snežana van Houwelingen told FNE.

    The story is set in the turbulent years of the Ottoman Empire and at the cusp of a new century, when peasants began rising up in strength to the detriment of wealthy merchants families. The story follows Trifun, the wealthy leader of the Christian minority under the Ottoman rule, who, while trying to preserve his wealth and power, sets off a chain of events that cause terrible consequences for his family.

    The project is being developed and prepared by This and That Productions with development support of MEDIA Creative Europe and development and production support from Film Center Serbia. Radio Television Serbia – RTS is also on board.

    The date of the premiere has not been announced.

    Director Milutin PetrovićProduction Information:

    This and That Productions (Serbia)
    Snežana van Houwelingen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Milutin Petrović
    Scriptwriters: Vojo Nanović, Milena Marković