Strong Domestic Opening for Serbian/Montenegrin Ajvar

    Ajvar by Ana Marija Rossi Ajvar by Ana Marija Rossi

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Ana Maria Rossi’s debut feature Ajvar has scored a hit in Serbian cinemas with 40,524 admissions and 131,446 EUR / 15,465,542 RSD gross since its release on 12 December 2019. Ajvar is a coproduction between Serbia and Montenegro.

    The film has outperformed Gordan Kičić’s debut feature Real Story / Realna priča (produced by Filmkombajn in coproduction with Podgorica-based Crossmedia Agency), which had 54,753 admissions since its release on 14 November 2019, and Vasilije Nikitovićs’ first film 4 Roses / 4 Ruže (produced by Kinooko Film), which had 45,768 admissions since 5 December 2019.

    However, the national 2019 chart is still topped by Miroslav Stamatov’s debut feature Taksi Blues / Taksi bluz (Viktorija Film produkcija produkcija, d.o.o.) with 272,747 admissions. Real Story, 4 Rose and Ajvar are 4th, 5th and 6th in the national chart.

    Ajvar was produced by Nikolina Vučetić – Zečević through Serbia’s Biberche in coproduction with Ivan Đurović through Montenegro’s Artikulacija. The production was supported by Film Center Serbia and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

    Taramount Film is Ajvar’s distributor in Serbia.