Streaming Platform Cinesseum to Show New Serbian Films Worldwide

    Ajvar by Ana Marija Rossi Ajvar by Ana Marija Rossi

    BELGRADE: Cinesseum is the first premium streaming service allowing people around the world to legally watch the latest Serbian films at the same time or shortly after they have been shown in theatres. Most of the films have English subtitles.


    In addition to the new films, Cinesseum has a wide catalogue of Serbian classics, starting from the 1960’s.

    Cinesseum works on the principle of ticket sales - one ticket provides one screening of a film with the possibility to pause the film and resume viewing later.

    The latest Serbian films and Serbian minority coproductions offered on Cinesseum include: Ajvar by Ana Maria Rossi, The Team / Ekipa by Marko Sopić; Gordan Kičić’s The Common Story / Realna priča; and Dana Budisavljević's The Diary of Diana B. / Dnevnik Diane Budisavljević, among others.