Belgrade’s Firefly Announces Three International TV Coproductions


    BELGRADE: Belgrade-based Firefly Productions has announced it is developing internationally coproduced TV productions.

    The first project to come in 2021 is Gorilla, a dramatisation of Dušan Savković’s cult bestselling novel of the same name. The crime thriller/pulp noir is the story of Yugoslav/Serbian gangsters in Paris and their adventurous lives in the 1960s, as well as the true story of French actor Alain Delon’s bodyguard. Savković covered the story of Stevan Marković and the notorious Marković Affair, which shook the French state and its cultural establishment. Firefly productions acquired rights for script development, to be written by Đorđe Milosavljević, Serbia’s most prolific scriptwriter. Firefly Productions is teaming up with the newly established US firm Gorila Enterprises.  

    Firefly Productions and Hungary’s Joyrider are developing the six-part TV dramatic series Frust. The TV series creator is writer Srđan Vuletić, and Oscar and Golden Globe winner Danis Tanović will be the director. The project is in the script development stage, with shooting set for 2022. The drama tells the story of a young writer anxious to gain popularity in the society. By chance he kills a local drug dealer Firefly productionsand becomes a hero, but he is frustrated by the fact that his identity has to remain secret.

    Firefly Productions is seeking coproducers, including one from Russia, for a six-episode TV series based on Fatal Ally, the spy novel written by British journalist and BBC reporter Tim Sebastian. Firefly is developing the script written by British screenwriter Kevin Rundle and Ivan Knežević, the young winner of the regional HBO competition. The main character is an MI6 agent who finds herself to be the victim of ruthless treachery by a rogue element at the highest level of the US government, on a mission leading her to the heart of the Russian mafia.

    Firefly Productions was unable to release any budget information.

    „In addition to TV shows developed mainly for the local market, Firefly Productions develops projects which are internationally positioned from their early steps. Our aim is to keep up with the best production standards and to remain known for their implementation. I am quite happy because it is with those three titles that we have started global market-oriented projects together with our partners,” said Boban Jevtić, Firefly Productions’ creative director.