Serbia Adopts Changes to Film and TV Incentives Programme


    BELGRADE: The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of Serbia has taken charge of the country’s film and TV incentives programme. It was previously handled by the Ministry of Economy. The change was adopted through a Decree as of mid-January 2021.

    The change is expected to facilitate and expedite the functioning of the incentives programme run by Film Center Serbia, which operates under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

    The 2021 budget planned for these activities is some 6 million EUR / 700 million RSD, maintaining the same level as in previous years. The cash rebate level also remains the same. The programme, launched in April 2016, provides a 25% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films, TV series, animation films, documentaries and visual effects, 20% for TV commercials and 30% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films whose budget is a minimum of 5 million EUR. Applications can still be made and submitted all year round and Film Center Serbia,remains the programmes’s administrator.

    The general programme overview can be found at the Serbian Film Commission’s website: https://www.filminserbia.com/incentives/.