American SF Horror The Quantum Devil Shoots in Belgrade

    The Quantum Devil The Quantum Devil photo courtesy of Crazed House

    BELGRADE: The American SF horror The Quantum Devil by Larry Wade Carrell is currently shooting in various locations around the Serbian capital. Milan Todorović's Talking Wolf Productions is servicing. The production has applied to Serbia's 25% cash rebate scheme.

    All the visual effects are to be done in Serbia by Ivan Pribićević and his Digitalkraft company, based in Belgrade.

    An international team of scientists are summoned by an ominous invitation to a remote location in Eastern Europe to conduct clandestine experiments in an effort to breach the quantum barrier The Quantum Devil, photo courtesy of Crazed Houseand to travel to another dimension. The four scientists, each with a dark secret, must confront the sins of their past while facing the dangerous consequences of journeying into the realm of the quantum devil.

    Larry Wade Carrell co-wrote the script together with Zeph E. Daniel, who is also the executive producer. The main cast is led by: Neil Dickson, Ariadna Cabrol, Tyler Tackett, Edward Apeagyei, Tamara Radovanović, Helen Babić and Mehmet Cerrahoglu.

    Loris Curci is producing through the US Crazed House production house. The budget has not been disclosed.