PRODUCTION: Nenad Milošević in Production with Serbian/Bosnian Before the Noise

    Before the Noise by Nenad Milošević Before the Noise by Nenad Milošević

    BELGRADE: The Serbian director Nenad Milošević is currently in production with his second film, the documentary/fiction hybrid Before the Noise / Pred buku. This Serbian/Bosnian coproduction is narrated by the actor Boris Isaković, famous in Serbia and the region.

    Before the Noise is an autobiographical essay on the time lost in the Balkans' turmoil, aiming at recreating a broader picture of the experience of losing home as the centre of a personal universe. The film deals with the phenomenon of forced displacement through the protagonists' intimate experiences.

    Nenad Milošević wrote the script, for which he collaborated with Andrea Popov Miletić. The cast includes Boris Isaković (narrator), Matej Recer, Jelena Ćuruvija, Filip Miletić and Kalina Despotović.

    Stefan Jevđenijević is producing through Serbia’s Atalanta in coproduction with Maja Knezović Lasić through Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Teatrino.

    The project was supported by Film Center Serbia with 46,777 EUR and the Sarajevo Film Fund with 22,887 EUR.

    The fiction segments were shot on several occasions in Banja Koviljača, Serbia. The shooting is planned to continue there till the end of October 2021, while the summer scenes will be shot on locations by the Adriatic Sea next summer.

    Production Information:

    Before the Noise by Nenad MiloševićAtalanta (Serbia)
    Stefan Jevđenijević: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Teatrino (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Director: Nenad Milošević
    Scriptwriter: Nenad Milošević in collaboration with Andrea Popov Miletić
    DoP: Bojan Đurišić
    Editor: Darko Maletin
    Cast: Boris Isaković (narrator), Matej Recer, Jelena Ćuruvija, Filip Miletić, Kalina Despotović