Six Feature Film Projects From Serbia at Paris Coproduction Market


    BELGRADE: Six Serbian feature film projects will be presented at a coproduction market held in Paris 17 - 19 November 2021, organised by Film Center Serbia, the French Center for Film and Moving Images (CNC) and the French Institute in Serbia.

    The presentation stems from the Accord on Cinematographical Coproduction between the Republic of France and the Republic of Serbia, officially signed during Emmanuel Macron’s formal visit to Belgrade on 15 July 2019, furthering the already successful cooperation between Serbia and France in the field of cinematography. The Accord aims at strengthening the cooperation in the field of film industry and putting the legal framework of film cooperation between the two countries into more practical use.

    During two days of intensive programme and meetings, the director and producer of each of these six projects will have the opportunity to present the project to French producers and distributors, potential partners for cooperation.

    The selected projects are:

    78 Days / 78 dana
    Director: Emilija Gašić
    Production company: Set Sail Films

    Spite/ Inat
    Director: Andrijana Stojković
    Production company: Baboon production

    Folk Drama / Narodna drama
    Director: Mirjana Karanović
    Production company: This and That Productions

    Surrogate / Surogat
    Director: Vuk Bogdanović
    Production company: ETM production

    In Safe Hands / U sigurnim rukama
    Director: Ivica Vidanović
    Production company: Hypnopolis

    Vasilisa The Beautiful / Vasilisa Prekrasna
    Director: Zikica Jovanovic
    Production company: Film Club Prokuplje