Serbian Classic Sold for Comic Book Adaptation in Japan

    The Bloody Fairytale by Branimir Tori Janković The Bloody Fairytale by Branimir Tori Janković credit: Centar Film

    BELGRADE: The Kadokawa Corporation and Tuttle-Mori Agency from Tokyo bought the rights for the comic adaptation of the classic Yugoslav and Serbian feature film The Bloody Fairy Tale / Krvavava bajka (1966), directed by Branimir Tori Janković and produced by Belgrade’s Centar Film back in 1969.

    The comic book will be presented in approximately 90 of the 370 pages in the great Manga artist Hashasi Sakaguchi's collection. The electronic version (E-book) is set to follow shortly and, upon the Japanese edition, the production and distribution company Centar Film will also release a Serbian language version for the domestic audience.

    „The adaptation of this feature film on the international market is a proof of the duration and recognition of the richness of Yugoslav cinema. We do hope that the release of the Serbian version and the presentation of  The Bloody Fairy Tale through other media will ignite the interest of new generations and attract them to the film“, stated Jadranka Blanuša Vučković, the director of The Bloody Fairytale by Branimir Tori Janković, credit: Centar FilmCentar Film.

    The town of Kragujevac during WW2. The first days of the Nazi occupation, the first innocent victims. A partisan squad acts near the town, where dozens of enemy soldiers are killed. The command is short: for every dead German, shoot 100 citizens. On that day, a group of small shoe cleaners refuse to clean the dirty boots of German soldiers. They are taken to be shot. Kragujevac became a city of black flags and black scarfs. The bells toll, it is the memorial service for 7,000 executed.

    The film scripted by Branimir Tori Janković was based on true events. The key roles are played by Zorica Miladinović, Mira Stupica, Mija Aleksić, Slobodan Mladenović and Dragan Petrović, and the cast includes Velimir Bata Živojinović, Miodrag Dabić, Zoran Petrović, Ljuba Tadić, Franek Trefalt, Vasa Pantelić and Ljubiša Jovanović.