PRODUCTION: Goran Stanković and Vladimir Tagić Prep Serbian/Croatian/Bulgarian TV Drama Series Sabre


    BELGRADE: The Serbian political drama series Sabre / Sablja, created and directed by Goran Stanković and Vladimir Tagić, is the first ever international coproduction to benefit from new TV drama fund launched by the Bulgarian National Film Center.

    The series, which is currently in preproduction, is produced by Serbia`s This and That Productions in coproduction with Croatia`s Drugi Plan and Bulgaria`s Agitprop.

    The series examines the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić’s assassination in 2003 and its political repercussions through the eyes of a reporter, a police inspector and a young criminal, while following its impact on their lives.

    The screenplay was written by Dejan Prćić, Goran Stanković, Vladimir Tagić, Maja Pelević and Marjan Alčevski.

    The series will star popular Danish-Serbian actress Danica Čurčić.

    “The murder of Zoran Đinđić is probably the most significant event in Serbia’s recent history. That terrifying act is a perfect mirror of what Serbia was in the 90s, in the 2000s, and what it is today. Like through a cracked mirror we see ourselves and that very process of looking will hopefully help us learn something about ourselves and prevent us from repeating our mistakes. We owe to that man to tell his story, and he obliges us as authors to make that story good enough, multi-layered and complex”, Vladimir Tagić told FNE.

    Sabre is produced by Snežana van Houwelingen and coproduced by Nebojša Taraba and Miodrag Sila, as well as Martichka Bozhilova, with the support of the Serbian public broadcaster RTS, the Bulgarian National Film Center and the European Union’s Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme.

    The shooting is expected to commence in the spring of 2023.

    The premiere is set for the spring of 2024.

    Production Information:

    This and That Productions (Serbia)
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    Drugi plan (Croatia)
    Agitprop (Bulgaria)

    Directors: Goran Stanković, Vladimir Tagić
    Scriptwriters: Dejan Prćić, Goran Stanković, Vladimir Tagić, Maja Pelević, Marjan Alčevski
    DoP: Igor Marović, Aleksandar Karaulić
    Cast: Danica Čurčić