Reason8 Picks-Up Serbian Debut Feature Christina by Nikola Spasić

    Christina by Nikola Spasić Christina by Nikola Spasić credit: Inkubator Rezon

    BELGRADE: The Serbian feature film Christina / Kristina by Nikola Spasić has been acquired by the UK-based Reason8 company. The deal covers all the rights around the globe (cinemas, TV, festivals, VOD), except ex-Yugoslavia. Christina won best first film at the 35th FIDMarseille (5 – 11 July 2022), where it had its world premiere.

    The film tells a story about a transgender sex worker, Christina, who lives with cats, collects antiques and is devoted to spirituality. Her life is well planned and predictable until a chance Christina by Nikola Spasić, credit: Inkubator Rezonmeeting with former theology student Marko evolves into a platonic love. Milanka Gvoić penned the script.

    The leading role was entrusted to Kristina Milosavljević, who plays herself, and the cast includes Marko Radišić, Jelena Galović and Zvonimir Pudelka. Nikola Spasić is also editing.

    The film was produced by Inkubator Rezon with the support of Film Center Serbia and the City of Novi Sad.