Serbian Where the Road Leads Gets Sales Agent Ahead of Its World Premiere at Slamdance

    Where The Road Leads by Nina Ognjanović - official still Where The Road Leads by Nina Ognjanović - official still credit: Pointless Films

    BELGRADE: Young Serbian director Nina Ognjanović’s debut feature Where the Road Leads / Ovuda će proći put has been picked up by the US sales agent Circus Road Films ahead of the film’s world premiere at the upcoming 29th edition of the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, USA in January 2023.

    As soon as a foreign young man sets foot in the village, the electricity goes out. It might be the construction of a new highway nearby, but no one knows for sure. The news of his arrival spreadsWhere The Road Leads by Nina Ognjanović - official still, credit: Pointless Films and the villagers are polarised as out-of-towners have visited them before and they always have an agenda. Then, after a night of drinking and feasting, a rumour starts going around that two rowdy villagers, known troublemakers, are looking to kill him. The only person that seems to take their threat seriously is Jana, who will do everything in her power to prevent it. The foreigner is her only ticket out of there.

    Nina Ognjanović penned the script. The main cast consists of Jana Bjelica, Zlatan Vidović, Vladimir Maksimović, Ninoslav Ćulum and Svetozar Cvetković, alongside Branislava Stefanović, Igor Filipović, Pavle Čemerikić, Marta Bogosavljević, Eva Ras and Demijan Kostić.

    The film was produced by David Jovanović through Pointless Films in coproduction with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and RTS -  Radio Television of Serbia. Film Center Serbia and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia supported the project.