PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Vladimir Perišić Shoots French/Serbian/Luxembourg/Croatian Coproduction Starring Jasna Đuričić

    Lost Country by Vladiir Perišić Lost Country by Vladiir Perišić credit: Trilema

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Vladimir Perišić is currently in production with his sophomore feature Lost Country, which is a coproduction of France, Serbia, Luxembourg and Croatia, expected to premiere during 2023.

    Belgrade, 1996. Stefan is 14. Following the victory of the opposition party in the elections, Milošević's Socialist Party falsifies the results. As the party decides to annul the vote, the country enters a turbulent period. Stefan's mother Marklena is the spokesperson for the party. Because of his love for his mother, Stefan cannot trust his best friend Milan telling him that his very mother is involved in election fraud. Street protests explode.

    Vladimir Perišić wrote the script together with French scriptwriter Alice Winocour (Mustang, Proxima). The film is being shot by cinematographers Sarah Bloom and Louise Botkay on 16 mm. The key roles are played by: Quo Vadis, Aida?'s star Jasna Đuričić alongside Marija Škaričić, Jovan Ginić and Boris Isaković.

    The film is produced by Janja Kralj through France’s KinoElektron, and Omar El Kadi and Nadia Turincev through Easy Riders Films (France), in coproduction with Vladimir Perišić through Serbia’s Trilema, Vincent Quenault and Jeanne Geiben through Red Lion (Luxembourg), and Ankica Jurić Tilić through Croatia’s Kinorama. The project is supported by CNC, Arte France Cinema, Film Center Serbia, the Luxembourg Film Fund and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The budget has not been disclosed and the producers told FNE that there are 40 shooting days.

    Perišić’s debut feature Ordinary People / Obični ljudi, also co-scripted with Alice Winocur and produced by TS Productions, had its world premiere within the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

    Production Information:

    Lost Country by Vladiir Perišić, credit: TrilemaKinoElektron (France)
    Easy Riders Films (France)

    Trilema (Serbia)
    Red Lion (Luxembourg)
    Kinorama (Croatia)

    Director: Vladimir Perišić
    Scriptwriters: Vladimir Perišić, Alice Wincour
    DoP: Sarah Bloom, Louise Botkay
    Cast: Jovan Ginić, Marija Škaričić, Jasna Đuričić, Boris Isaković