FNE Correspondent Zoran Janković Co-Author of Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2018-2022

    Zoran Janković and Đorđe Bajić Zoran Janković and Đorđe Bajić author: Ema Bednarž

    BELGRADE: Serbian film critics Zoran Janković and Đorđe Bajić are the authors of a new book with critical texts about all Serbian feature films shown in regular cinema distribution or at festivals over the past five years. Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2018-2022 is a continuation and somehow a sequel to the Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2000-2017 published in 2018. This film review book was published by Film Center Serbia.

    The fact that the Serbian film industry is producing an increasing number of feature films each year, primarily due to the wider breakthrough of newer technologies and presentation possibilities, is reflected in the number of films covered in this new book, 85, compared to 18 films reviewed in the last book.

    In addition to detailed critical reviews, Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2018-2022 contains technical details and factual information, short plot summaries, as well as a wealth of data and interesting side facts for fans, with a special focus on the reception of each individual work.

    Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2018 2022 by Zoran Janković and Đorđe Bajić, credit :FCSThe intention of the authors was to present contemporary Serbian film in all its richness and diversity. According to Bajić and Janković: "Film always shares the fate of the country in which it is created, so the turbulent times we live in are full of challenges: primarily life's challenges, and then also film challenges. What we can do at this moment is to focus our attention on films created over the past five years, and through these examples, try to map out, identify, illuminate, and clarify some new aspirations and fresh tendencies."

    The editor of the book is Miroljub Stojanović, from Film Center Serbia, while the design and layout were taken care of by Borut Vild, one of the leading regional and European graphic designers. The foreword was written by Ivan Velisavljević, a film enthusiast and critic with whom Bajić and Janković previously collaborated.

    After Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2000-2017 (which had two sold-out editions) Bajić, Janković and Velisavljević wrote a book published by Film Center Serbia in English, The Best Serbian Films of the 21st Century, which was also sold-out.  

    The same trio was a part of a broader team of essay contributors to the local film topics anthology New Shots –Overseen Values of Serbian Film / Novi Kadrovi - Skrajnute vrednosti srpskog filma, published by the Belgrade-based publishing house Clio in 2008.