FNE at FEST 2024: Lilacs

    Lilacs by Siniša Cvetić Lilacs by Siniša Cvetić credit: Košutnjak Film

    BELGRADE: Siniša Cvetić’s sophomore feature Lilacs / Jorgovani had its national premiere in the Main Competition of Belgrade’s 52nd FEST ahead of its cinema release across Serbia and the region starting 29 February 2024.

    This blend of rom-com and satire follows Katarina and Igor, two actors who are in an emotional relationship both on and off the screen. Blinded by flashes and deafened by applause, although inseparable, they have neither heard nor seen each other for a long time, until the awards ceremony for the best series of the year, where the whole team will gather.

    The script was written by Cvetić’s regular collaborator, David Jakovljević. The key roles are played by Sloboda Mićalović, Ivan Bosiljčić, Gordan Kičić, Mima Karadžić, Isidora Janković and Jovan Jovanović.

    Zoran Janković independently produced the film through his company Košutnjak Film.

    The film is distributed in Serbia and the region by Belgrade’s Art Vista.

    Production Information:

    Lilacs by Siniša Cvetić, credit: Košutnjak FilmProducer:
    Košutnjak Film
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    Director: Siniša Cvetić
    Scriptwriter: David Jakovljević
    DoP: Zoran Jovanović Žofr
    Cast: Sloboda Mićalović, Ivan Bosiljčić, Gordan Kičić, Mima Karadžić, Isidora Janković, Jovan Jovanović, Jana Bjelica, Nebojša Dugalić, Pavle Čemerikić, Nenad Okanović, Vahid Džanković, Petar Vasiljević