Slovak Hit Wins Czech Viewers

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Jakub Kroner's domestic hit film Love opened in the Czech Republic to solid box office.

    Love, a coproduction between Slovakia's Inout Studio and Czech company Evolution Films (www.evolutionfilms.cz) has drawn 116,818 Slovak viewers since its premiere on 10 October 2011, distributed by Continental Film (www.continental-film.sk). Box office for the film in 2011 total $638,000, putting it in eighth place for the year.

    It opened in the Czech Republic on 12 January 2012, distributed by Falcon Film (www.falcon.cz), drawing some 8,000 viewers, a successful result for a Slovak film

    Love, which is Slovak slang for "money," is the story of a young gangster who tries to change his life when he falls in love with a university student.

    Lova is Kroner's second film. His 2009 debut, Bratislavafilm, is one of Slovakia's all-time top ten box office hits.


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