FNE at Art Film Fest: Dancing on Broken Glass

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: Drawing from folkdancing's musical tradition, Marek Ťapak's film Dancing on Broken Glass (screening in the Slovak Season section at Art Film Festival 16-23 June 2012, www.artfilmfest.sk) is based on a short stage version of the story inspired by a dance performance.

    "The first, smaller stage version had a great response from audiences at home and abroad, so Marek Ťapák decided to shoot a film version," the producer Marta Stancikova told FNE.

    Tanec medzi črepinami/ Dancing on Broken Glass, a 100% Slovak production, was shot in different parts of Slovakia for a total of 28 days spanning various seasons over the course of four years. "The shooting period was heavily dependent on fundraising resources." said Stancikova, adding, "Consequently it created a new extensive stage version with a professional team, SĽUK (www.sluk.sk), which is having a great success."

    Ťapák wrote the script and also plays the main character. Peter Bencsik is the DOP. The 79 minute film is produced by Marta Stancikova for M.O.M.ent production (www.momentproduction.sk), in coproduction with Slovak TV (www.rtvs.sk). The project is supported by distributor Film Europe (www.filmeurope.eu) and its founder Ivan Hronec, and also by the agency Brandy, Michal Brejk, and the Slovak Tourist Board, SACR (www.sacr.sk).
    The total budget was 750, 000 Euro. "We used grants from the Ministry of Culture, from private sources, from private sources of the producer
    and especially from the co-production partner, Radio and Television of Slovakia", says Stancikova. The Slovak premiere will be 21 June at Art Film Festival.

    Production Information

    M.O.M.ent production

    Malinovska 92, SK-900

    28 Zalesie

    Phone: +421 -905 240 408

    Phone/Fax: +421-02- 4564 8412


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    Radio and Television Slovakia

    Mýtna 1, P. O. Box 55

    817 55 Bratislava 15, Slovakia


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    Director: Marek Ťapak

    Script: Marek Ťapak

    DOP: Peter Bencsik

    Music: BANDA and Samo Smetana

    Tono Popovič

    Editor: Matej Beneš

    Cast: Marek Ťapak

    Anna Javorkova

    Stanislav Marišler

    Ondrej Mlynarik

    Martin Urban

    Linda Luptakova