FNE at Art Film Fest: Tigers in the City

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: Tigers in the City, the 90 minute debut of Juraj Krasnohorsky, follows three friends in their late 20's as they try to find their soul mates against the menacing backdrop of contemporary Slovakia. The film screens in the Slovak Season section at Art Film Festival 16-23 June 2012 (www.artfilmfest.sk).

    The three characters of Tigre v meste/Tigers in the City call themselves Badger, Hyena and Pigeon, and meet regularly at a bar at the Bratislava city zoo. When Badger, who works as a prosecutor, finally decides to meet the radio presenter he is in love with, he discovers that a Russian ex-hitman who is trying to kill him happens to be the husband of the radio presenter.

    "My ambition was to make an original and funny portrayal of young people entering their thirties," Krasnohorsky says in his director's notes. "The tone of the film is a self reflective, tragic humor, which I think is typically Central European."

    Shooting started on 12 August 2010 and wrapped on 30 September 2010. "The post-production lasted one year and a few months, mainly to complete the financing," the director told FNE. The production budget was 366,000 Euro and the distribution budget is 37,600 Euro. Krasnohorský produced with his company Artichoke (www.artichoke.sk).

    The project was financed from private sources with a financial support of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk) in different stages of production and distribution. The overall support from AVF was 159,000 Euro. Continental film (www.continental-film.sk) and Artichoke (www.artichoke.sk) are distributing the film in Slovakia. Slovak Film Academy (www.sfta.sk)/Zlatý Bažant (www.zlatybazant.sk) and Joj (www.joj.sk) are supporting the distribution. The list of partners includes: Avion Film (www.avion.net), Bystrouška B3 (www.bystrouska.cz), Soundline, Transpetrol (www.transpetrol.sk), Humanic.

    The Slovak release was 7 June 2012 following the world premiere in Bratislava on 29 May. It's too early for the film to be sold, "since we only recently received a final screening copy of the film after post-production," says Krasnohorsky, adding that there is interest from distributors in Czech Republic and Poland.

    Born in 1980, Krasnohorský studied and worked for 14 years in Switzerland, Spain and Paris, earning bachelors degrees in mathematics and film theory and a masters degree in theoretical physics before deciding to be a filmmaker.

    Production Information


    Čapkova 16, SK-811 04

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Phone: +421 904 185 692


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    Director: Juraj Krasnohorsky

    Script: Lucia Siposova

    Juraj Krasnohorsky

    DOP: Andre Bonzel

    Music: Michal Novinski

    Jan P. Muchow

    Editor: Marek Kraľovsky

    Cast: Kristina Tothova

    Milan Ondrik

    Ľubo Bukovy

    Ivica Slavikova

    Diana Morova

    Karel Dobry

    Richard Stanke

    Robo Roth