FNE at Art Film Fest: Fair Play

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: Fair Play is a 52 minute documentary portrait by director/scriptwriter Arnold Kojnok of the important Slovak artist Julius Koller. It screens in the Slovak Season section of Art Film Fest 16-23 June 2012 (www.artfilmfest.sk).

    An original artist, Julius Koller (1939-2007) issued his manifesto Anti-happening in 1965, attempting to use day-to-day objects in "cultural and subjective situations." Another manifesto came in 1970: U.F.O (Universal-Cultural Futurological Organization).

    The resources of the imagination gave him the opportunity to evade the oppression of the communist regime. In 1990, together with Peter Ronai and Milan Adamčiak, Koller co-founded the Nova važnosť (New Seriousness) society.

    The documentary, produced by sentimentalfilm (www.sentimentalfilm.com), follows the development of Koller's work by putting his conceptual philosophy in a greater context - first of all, a historical and geographical one.

    Born in 1973, Kojnok studied documentary filmmaking and video art. While still a student he directed the documentary People on Tracks/ Ľudia na trait (2007) followed by The Musicologist and the Artist/ Muzikolog a tvorca (2008) and Revenge/Pomsta (2010) awarded with the Grand Prix at the 2010 Ačko Student Film Festival (www.ackofestival.sk).

    Production Information

    sentimentalfilm s.r.o

    Špitalska 20, SK-811 04

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Phone: +421 915 606 088


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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Arnold Kojnok

    Script: Arnold Kojnok

    DOP: Pavel Briatka

    Music: Collegium musicum

    Editor: Pavol Palarik

    Cast: Květoslava Fulierova

    Aurel Hrabušicky

    Petra Hanakova

    Daniel Gruň

    Tomaš Štrauss

    Peter Bartoš,

    Ľubomir Ďurček

    Peter Čepec

    Rudo Sikora

    Peter Meluzin

    Peter Ronay

    Roman Ondak

    Peter Horvath

    Michal Hrabko

    Martin Hrabko