PRODUCTION: The Exhibition in Postproduction

By Dominika Uhríková

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak directors Peter Begányi (Erotic Nation) and Andrej Kolenčík are in post-production with The Exhibition, a medium-length bitter comedy scheduled to come out in early 2013.

    Set in a small central Slovak town, the film follows three middle-aged workers in a local natural museum who find themselves adrift in life after they have lost their jobs due to the financial crisis.

    Begányi being more of a documentary filmmaker and Kolenčík a visual artist and animator, The Exhibition combines fictional and documentary elements, while also seeking innovative forms of expression, Begányi told FNE.

    "I had always had this idea of making a movie about natural museum employees, but could not find the right actors," he said. "When I discovered that Andrej Kolenčík was launching an amateur theatre project, we decided it might be interesting to put those non-actors into a fictional film setting."

    Begányi added that the script is partly based on real life, as "it was written keeping the particular actors in mind," and that some of the scenes were even shot in the actors' own homes.

    Filmed over a period of ten days throughout central Slovakia and in Bratislava, The Exhibition is produced by Begányi's Piknik Pictures (www.piknik.sk). The budget amounts to 110,000 EUR, with 40,000 EUR provided by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk) and 16,000 EUR by Slovak Television (www.rtvs.sk).


    Exhibition2.jpgContact information:

    Piknik Pictures

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    821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

    Phone: +421 948 522 287

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    www.piknik.sk, www.kolencik.org