Controversial Slovak docmaker Zuzana Piussi hits back with new online doc release


    BRATISLAVA: Controversial Slovak film director Zuzana Piussi has launched her new From Fico to Fico (Od Fica do Fica) online after Slovak mulplexes refused to screen the controversial doc which hits out at the Slovak government.

    The film will be available online free of charge until Sunday 16 December via dafilms.cz/film/8379-od-fica-do-fica 

    Her previous doc, Disease of the Third Power ( Nemoc tretej moci), dealing with the present judicial system caused a media uproar in Slovakia. She was prosecuted for the use of candid camera in this film and threatened with two years of imprisonment.

    Yesterday, Piussi launched her new doc From Fico to Fico (Od Fica do Fica) to online distribution in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The new film is even more controversial than the previous one.

    “This film is a fundamental report about present Slovakia and unfortunately not an optimistic one. The film is the director´s response to all, who wanted to silence her. We want to offer Zuzana Piussi and all Slovak documentary makers a possibility of an alternative and legal online distribution,” Filip Kršák, said spokesman of DAFilms.