FNE at Art Film Fest 2019: Slovak Tragicomedy Loli Paradicka Premieres in Kosice

    Loli Paradicka by Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky Loli Paradicka by Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky

    KOSICE: Loli Paradicka, a tragicomedy by Slovak novelist/scriptwriter Vito Staviarsky along with his sons, director Richard Staviarsky and editor Juraj Staviarsky, and daughter, producer Marka Staviarska, will have its premiere at Art Film Fest, starting on 14 June 2019, where it screens in the Slovak Season section.

    The film was produced by the family company Staviarsky and coproduced by the Slovak Radio and TV.

    The unconventional East Slovak romance, described as a bittersweet love story between a legless fairground salesman and a gypsy who steals some of his sweets, was filmed in the summer of 2017. It is one of the most anticipated premieres at Art Film Fest, located in the far Eastern Slovak city of Kosice. The romance is an unusual take on the Romany/Slovak relationship stories, that more often focus on serious aspects of the lives and cultural clashes between the divided communities.

    The 175,000 EUR film was supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. It was presented at the Works in Progress forum at Febiofest. It will be released by distributor Forum Film.

    Production Information:


    Slovak Radio and Television

    Director/writer: Richard Staviarsky, Vito Staviarsky
    DoP: Lubor Marko
    Editor: Juraj Staviarsky, Richard Staviarsky
    Producer: Marka Staviarska
    Cast: Michal Ilkanin, Kamilka Mitrasova, Michal Soltesz, Kveta Strazanova