New tender on Slovak digital television

By Jana Kadlecova

    The Telecommunication Office of the Slovak Republic (www.teleoff.gov.sk) invites tenders for the first two DVB-T multiplexes.

    The applications must be delivered to the Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic by November 20, 2008.

    The first multiplex should begin as soon as the successful applicant receives a licence for DVB-T. The tender was publicly announced in the Slovak daily newspaper Hospodarske noviny.

    The first multiplex should cover 45 percent of the Slovak population. It will not influence analogue broadcasting, since the first digital programmes will be using frequencies that are not used currently. The second multiplex will cover frequencies that are currently in use for analogue television.

    Analogue television broadcasting will be replaced by digital broadcasting by the end of 2012.

    The Telecommunication Office of SR provides information on all conditions for broadcasting on its website.