Cooking History documentary heads to cinemas

By Jana Kadlecova
    Peter Kerekes´ new full-length documentary film Cooking History (Ako sa varia dejiny) has its Slovak premiere on February 18th.

    The long-awaited film from the successful documentary filmmaker follows wartime cooks and through their eyes tells the story of how soldiers' daily needs influenced politicians' wins and losses

    The project was a long-term undertaking for Kerekes. Research started in summer 2005, and the film was shot over several periods of time, consuming a total of 50 filming days and 40 traveling days. The film was shot in Germany, Russia, Hungary, Germany, France, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, England and Israel.

    Kerekes told FNE that the €863,000 budget was supported by Austrian Mischief films (http://www.mischief-films.com), which financed 52% of the film. The Austrian contribution includes funding from the Media Programme (ec.europa.eu), Vienna Film Fund (www.filmfonds-wien.at), Austrian Television Film Fund (www.location-austria.at), ORF (www.orf.at), RAI (www.rai.it), amd YLE (www.yle.fi). Peter Kerekes s.r.o. financed 34%, including his own investment, a €255,000 grant from the Slovak Ministry of Culture and support from Slovak public television (www.stv.sk). The Czech Republic investment of 14% came from Negativ Film Productions (www.negativ.cz), including the company's own investments, the State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography (www.mkcr.cz) and Czech Public Television (www.ceskatelevize.cz).

    Slovak cinema distribution begins with three prints. The Czech premiere is planned for April 23rd.

    Despite the crisis in the full-length feature films in the years 2006 and 2007, new Slovak documentaries have increased the reputation of Slovak cinematography. International success was achieved by Juraj Lehotsky's Blind Loves, Other Worlds by Marko Skop, 66 Seasons by Peter Kerekes, Here We Are by Jaro Vojtek, and Hey, You Slovak! by Robo Kirchhoff.