Film Europe and SPI launch documentary channel

By Jana Kadlecová
    Film Europe, a division of distribution company SPI International (www.spi-film.eu), has launched DocuCS, the second of three themed TV and VOD channels planned for the Czech and Slovak markets.

    The company will eventually broadcast MusicCS, DokuCS and KinoCS. "It is the combination of a rational decision and emotional interest," Ivan Hronec, CEO of SPI Central Europe, told FNE. about the CS package,

    DokuCS launched the test broadcasting in January and will complete the roll-out by March. The channel will broadcast short and full-length documentary film premieres of both new and older films in cooperation with Kratky film Praha whose film production began in the 1940's.

    Films documenting former Czechoslovak territory (from the beginning of 1950s) will be presented together with the new
    acquisitions of the young generation filmmakers (e.g. Slovakia's Marko Skop, Pavol Barabas, Peter Kerekes). "It should create a platform for the documentary community," Hronec said.

    SPI has been broadcasting KinoCS since November 1, when it rebranded the former Nostalgia channel. It offers a complete library of Czech and Slovak films along with new SPI acquisitions and SPI coproductions, such as Unbroken Promise. "KinoCS is a response to the absence of regional films on television," said Hronec.

    A third channel, MusicCS, has been planned for a second quarter of 2010. It will air video clips, retro concerts, feature documentaries, and music profiles. "It is the first television channel with Czech and Slovak oldies music," said Hronec. He added that the three channels will offer opportunities for cross-promotion and complementary marketing.

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