Slovaks draw interest at CineMart

By Jana Kadlecová
    Slovak Producer Marko Skop and the director Juraj Lehotsky, the first Slovak film makers present at CineMart, are drawing interest with their feature film The Miracle (Zazrak ).

    When the team's awarded documentary film Blind Loves was screened at Rotterdam last year, Skop was introduced to CineMart. He returned this year with The Miracle, the fiction feature debut of Lehotsky.

    "Our main goal was to introduce the project to sales agents and to test its potential in the art-house environment," Skop told FNE. "We had 44 meetings within three days, 15 of which were with sales agents that ranged from the smallest to the most powerful companies. Almost all of the sales agents expressed their interest to continue discussions and read the script. We will send them in its final version within a half year," said Skop. The majority of interest by producers came from companies in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary.

    "Coproduction is necessary for our project. We would prefer to make it a Slovak/Czech coproduction, with Slovak production company Artileria (www.artileria.sk) and Czech company Negativ s.r.o. (http://www.negativ.cz/cz/), financed by Czech and Slovak funds and televisions. We will find out by 2010 whether we are successful. If not, we will take advantage of an offer from a foreign producer," explained Skop.

    The production of the film is planned for 2011. The film should be ready for the distribution in 2012.

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