New award for Slovak international success

By Jana Kadlecová

    Slovak filmmakers will a new award beginning on June, 26 2010. The Kino CS award will be given annually by Film Europe s.r.o, Media Company (www.filmeurope.eu) and International Film Festival Art Film Fest Trencianske Teplice (www.artfilmfest.sk).

    "We want to change the common stereotype that nobody is a prophet at home," Ivan Hronec, founder, owner and CEO of Media Company Film Europe told FNE at ArtFilm Fest. "By awarding the prize we aim to make visible to the Slovak public a film maker who has been successful abroad but is not yet well-known in Slovakia," Hronec said.

    He believes that Slovakia has enough productive filmmakers who should receive attention not only outside Slovakia. "With this step we want to support communication, not confrontation, among film makers, and moreover, we hope to encourage their creativity."

    The new award includes financial support. The decision on the winner is made by the general director of Film Europe and the director of Art Film Fest.

    A division of the Film Europe media company owns and produces Czech and Slovak television channels Filmbox, Kino CS, Doku CS and Muzika CS. Hronec promises that the prize and the film maker will be also supported by media space on these channels.

    "The project is a combination of good intention and business," he added.

    The awards in Slovakia will expand to more festivals. Artfilmfest will award young Slovak filmmakers, International Film Festival Bratislava (www.iffbratislava.sk) might give a prize to an actor or another film professional (such as set designer), International Film Festival Cinematik (www.cinematik.sk) could host the award for the documentary film maker. Rhe award will also be presented at Czech festivals in Plzen and Jihlava.