Young Slovak directors team up with classics

By Jana Kadlecová

    Slovak producer Fero Turna (Angel Productions), is preparing a new project that will bring together young Slovak film-makers who will adapt Slovak literary classics.

    The name of the project, Obligatory Reading, is the term that referred to student's required reading and writing on the classics of Slovak literature works.

    Obligatory Reading consists of six stories adapted as screenplays. Six young directors formed their own teams.

    "The teams for each film is different and they have already been formed," Turna told FNE. "I wanted to show that films can be made differently, and I wanted to take on young generation of film-makers who do not carry negative experiences or bad habits from communism or Koliba film studios," says Turna.

    He estimates the budget will be around 200,000 Euro for each thirty minutes story. Three films will use more urban topics, the other three films will be dedicated to country issues.

    The six stories should also result in two full-length feature films. Dramaturg Maros Hecko, who is also the script writer of the project, is working with the designers about joining three separate stories in a single film.

    Turna plans Obligatory Reading as a television project and has been negotiating with the Slovak public television STV (www.stv.sk). He also hopes for the cinema distribution.

    The project is in pre-production, filming should last 60 days and take place in March and April 2011. The premiere is planned for 2012.

    Turna co-produced The Legend of Flying Cyprian. He also plans cooperation with Maros Hecko and young Slovak director Magat on the short film One Man Show. He is also preparing a full-length feature film to be co-produced by American producer.