FNE at Bratislava IFF: The Housemaid Wins First FNE Visegrad Documentary Prix

By Cathy Meils

    The Housemaid, a documentary about a young Slovak woman working for a elderly couple abroad, received the first FNE Visegrad Prix for a documentary film at the IFF Bratislava (www.iffbratislava.sk) closing ceremony on 11 November 2010. The FNE Visegrad Prix was awarded to Martina Sakova, co-director of the German documentary The Housemaid (Die Haushaltshilfe) along Anna Hoffmann. The film was produced by Sommerhaus Filmproduktion.

     Sakova is a graduate of the Slovak film and arts school VSMU and divides her time between Berlin and Bratislava. She spoke with FNE from Berlin, where she I completing the animation phase of her new film, and said she was sorry not be at the prix ceremony in person. The prix was presented by the executive deputy director of the Visegrad Fund Linda Kapustova Helbichova.

    FNE General Director Anna Franklin said, "I am happy that the award went to a talented young Slovak director working on her very first project. It is good to see that young filmmakers from Visegrad countries are teaming up with partners from neighbouring countries as Martina did on The Housemaid. The theme of the film gives us important insights into Slovak contemporary society and those working abroad.

    The prize is awarded to recognize the artistic achievements of filmmakers in the Visegrad countries and to encourage cultural co-operation between partners within Visegrad countries and partners in other European countries of the European Union as well as internationally. The competitive prize is organized together with the support of CinePecs International Film Festival (www.cinepecs.hu) in Hungary, International Bratislava Film Festival (www.iffbratislava.sk) in Slovakia, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (www.dokument-festival.cz) in the Czech Republic and Era New Horizons International Film Festival (www.enh.pl) in Poland and Film Europe (www.kinocz.cz). The winner receives a 1,000 Euros cash prize along with 5,000 Euros of publicity on FNE throughout the year and promotion at other participating film festivals. A further Prix for best feature film was awarded earlier this year at the CinePecs International Film Festival to the producer Adrienn Pal of the Budpest based KMH One Films www.khmfilm.com. Adrienn Pal was directed by Agnes Kocsis.


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